What’s the value to you of partnering with a leader in leasing? Here are just a few benefits of working with GFC Leasing:

Exceptional service. We deliver a positive customer experience by enhancing your customer’s understanding of leasing, developing lease terms to fit their needs, and administering the lease in a professional customer focused fashion. We recognize the responsibility we have to you and the customer when you involve us in this relationship. 

We don’t rely on aggressive profit tactics. There are no document or underwriting fees to the customer and no surprise buyout amounts at the end of the lease term. Our goal is to keep leasing simple and easy for you and the customer.   

Small-ticket specialization. We know how to handle these types of transactions quickly and efficiently. Our leasing portfolio currently holds approximately 8,500 leases on a variety of assets and for a variety of customers. 

Timely payments. Swift payment of your invoices is just good business. Upon completion of the project in conjunction with customer signoff, your invoice will be processed for payment. We view this as a critical element of our partnership with you. 

Marketing partnerships. We can work with your sales team to create a marketing partnership that will produce higher incremental sales and margins for you. This level of commitment is, unfortunately, rare in this industry.

Experience. We have been in the leasing business since 1974 without waiver. Our leasing associates have an average of 15 years of experience with GFC Leasing. This expertise allows us to provide an outstanding experience to you and the customer.

If you would like to discuss a partnership with a leasing company that places a high priority on vendor relationships and delivers an outstanding customer experience, please contact us now!


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