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Gain an advantage with the latest production print technology.

Production printing is in high demand. But when your customers demand more, do you have the flexibility to deliver durable, high-impact advertising, high-volume printing, innovative packaging or other types of business, industrial and marketing output?

Talk to the Gordon Flesch Company about the fastest, most dependable, accurate and award-winning printers in the industry. Our print experts can help you find the machines you need to run your business.


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GFC Leasing provides one-stop shopping for equipment and financing. With the Gordon Flesch Company, there are no hidden fees or surprises for end-of-term buyouts.

Contact us today to learn more about financing options.


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Our in-house technicians and digital printing consultants work hand in hand with you to help design the most effective production print processes possible.


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Gordon Flesch Company technicians take preventative maintenance and ongoing support seriously, ensuring your machines remain operating to help you maximize profits.


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Modern production print technology can support all kinds of media, including canvas, Tyvek, synthetics, and even wallpaper.


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Talk to the Gordon Flesch Company about large format and digital press technology. Our in-house Digital Production Analysts can help you discover the value in innovative toner-based technology for increased productivity, automation and accuracy.


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GFC Production Showroom Interactive Tour

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We'd love to talk through your production print challenges to help you determine if these or other available solutions can meet your needs. Contact us today.